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The housing industry is competitive and aggressive everywhere on earth. As a consequence, any person looking to sell and buy houses must have a unique marketing technique. To get ahead of their competition, they must launch successful advertising campaigns online and offline. Hence, the most appropriate real estate promotion method is Hdr photography This does not mean that you have to be an accurate photographer.

Instead, you could hire a company like BEEPEC. We are online-based, although our headquarters are in Vietnam. Our work is to edit and transform different sorts of photos meant for business promotion. As the leader in picture editing, our business owns the most modern software products, high-speed internet connection, talented and educated staff and other office equipment. We are very quick, accurate, and dependable.

Projects we can do for you :

We specialize in different photo retouches and our results are more than wonderful. Our excellent team of editors can do the following tasks for you.

  • Image Enhancement :
    Our editor will change your picture’s color, lighting, and accuracy to boost its visual effects.

  • Day to Dusk :
    This service is ideal when you want to transform your dawn photographs into dusk. Hence, the new images will have elements such as a beautiful sunset and a stunning floral landscape behind your home. We have many creative ways.

  • Panorama : Our panorama stitching is an idea when you want to broaden a picture so that it can have a wider view. As a result, the edited item can look much more appealing to the eye and attract hundreds of viewers online.

  • Objects removal : It’s not everything that is relevant in your photographs. Some elements need to be removed to make the snapshot more attractive.

  • Virtual furniture :This is part of our home staging process where we place furniture and other decorative items into empty photographs. As a consequence, we give you a completely staged house with items inside.

  • Background removal:
    If there are photos with unattractive backgrounds, bring them to us. We will remove those backgrounds and give your photos a better appearance.

How we carry out our work

Whether you want our HDR, panorama or any other photograph retouching services, we are here to help you. Our procedure is quick and straightforward:

  • Upload the pictures that need to be changed and edited.

  • Give us time to edit and correct those images.

  • Download a beautifully edited set of images.

Why us?

There are several other businesses that do what we do; yet, we still get repeat and new business. Why is this so? First, we are the most affordable company around. Second, we accept as many revisions as our client might want. Third, we only charge you when the job is complete and we ask you to feel free to ask for changes. Still, our business is the most trustworthy when it comes to offering the best customer care service. You can call or email us when you want and we will be quick to respond. Furthermore, our company is sensitive about privacy issues and that’s why we encrypt our servers. We make sure that your private photos are safely kept in the cloud.

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